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Europe is dynamic, great and unique. A community that stands for its values. Europe has great thinkers, critics, captivating speakers, top athletes, glamorous celebrities and you. They all have the same goal - a joint Europe. Modern democracy needs critical thinking.

This platform should encourage, motivate and inspire you to think critically about Europe. Exchange ideas with people from other countries, different cultures and with different opinions. You are invited to share and discuss your opinions, wishes and hopes. Reflect on present-day Europe and develop concepts of improvement for tomorrow's Europe.

We face challenges that need to be turned into a booster for Europe’s future. The old continent undergoes various changes. Long established business models do not work anymore. And while innovative people find alternatives to make their living, bureaucracy impedes and state institutions put all their efforts in making the old models work again. Europe must be reformed by debate not only among the elite but by all Europeans: by you! Only through vigorous discussion Europe - as a whole – can find a path forward. Our goal is to provide a platform for debate and communication for all people interested in participation.

Values4Europe does not only focus on the European Union, but on the whole European continent. Of course we want to include all Europeans. In order to have a factual basis for discussion we also invite think tanks, universities, business people and politicians to contribute to our discussion. In order to provide you with facts we publish studies, statistics, whitepapers, statements and figures. So you can challenge facts and not just opinions presented here.

We want to put our vision into reality and present this website as a platform for you. Be part of one of the largest opinion sharing and shaping platforms in Europe.

We also invite well known specialists from fields of economics, politics and administration to state their expertise and opinion. You will find current and former politicians, business people, and academics, as well as opinion leaders.

Europa wählt. Ein Ausblick auf die EU Wahlen – Bill Wirtz
Europa wählt. Ein Ausblick auf die EU Wahlen – Bill Wirtz


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