2018 European perspectives


If you want to see the European spirit at work, look at how Europe really functions. This shows clearly that the European spirit exists not despite the continent’s diversity, but because of it. Undergirding the complex construction are common cultural roots. Last year appears to have been rather good for Europe. In 2017, its economy gained traction, immigration flows receded, and tensions…

Limits on posting workers create Europe’s high-cost cartels


Markets work efficiently when they are based on competition. Cartels are damaging, and rightly are not allowed, because they eliminate competition. A successful internal market needs regional and regulatory competition, something that some countries – mostly those with excessive cost structures – frown upon. They use the terms “race to the bottom” and “unfair…

Taxation horrors and Europe’s frustration


At their meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, in mid-September, European Union Finance Ministers discussed new measures for taxing internet-based companies. They want to establish a system that could be brought to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which would adapt these measures to global standards. Whew! Finally, wealthy companies like Google, Facebook and Apple will…

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