About the importance and imponderability of shared values

About the importance and imponderability of shared values

I consider the ideas of solidarity, equal treatment, human dignity, moral courage, and respect as core values of Europe. And I believe that it is our – the European peoples´- duty to ensure that the conditions of living in Europe reflect these values for everybody.

In the light of current developments and events in the world, it is obvious that flight movements are not just a temporary phenomenon but unfortunally will stay as a part of our everyday lives in the future.

I wish we could simply support European values in those parts of the world from where people start out in expectation of a better living in Europe. Might be that people not only flee from war and persecution but also for economic reasons and a lack of opportunities. I wish it were that easy to stop the countless number of individuals risking their lives to take dangerous and uncertain paths to Europe. And I wish there were a answer from the European Union, a plan how to save those lives and to ensure that Europe stays what it is – a save harbour, a fort of reason.

But my wishes are naive. I will not be able to change policy, not in Europe and even less in those unpleasant places of the world.

But there are initiatives that keep European Values high and I decided to take responsibility and support the work of UKI. http://www.uki.or.at/site/aktuelles/ukikurse

UKI´s work is in favour of traumatised persons and helps them to start a new living. UKI´s programs include language classes and job training, there is guidance to find housing and to get employed. And UKI shares European Values with the newcomers.

My engagement is for sure just one drop in the ocean and it is for sure not the solution for the migration crisis but for sure it helps. Please see UKI or find other ways to ease!

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