“AUSTRIA, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM”... or what we should learn from Conservatives

“AUSTRIA, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM”... or what we should learn from Conservatives

“AUSTRIA, WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM”... or what we should learn from Conservatives

I recently added subtitles and uploaded a video to my channel SpanishLibertarian that created some controversy.

This video was quite different from what I usually upload because it is about conservative criticizing libertarians. And yes, although we consider ourselves to be the most honest, rational and freedom-lovers human beings on earth, we still have strong feelings, and yes: TRUTH HURTS.

The journalist and public commentator Paul Joseph Watson says in this extract: (here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLDn-_q3PGg)

“I think the problem with Libertarianism is that they are not on the frontier of political discourse. When you have major issues that appear on the news media, obviously, as somebody who is politically active, one has to seize upon them and tell your story and influence on the popular narrative. But libertarians tend to get “stuck in the weeds” arguing with each other about minor issues. They are not in the frontier of the cultural discourse which is the domain of “conservatarians” and people who oppose social justice warriors.

The libertarians aren’t the robust forces they could be. I think they could improve that. They should “hijack” this key issues such as the migration crisis and they are not doing that. They are debating with each other about what minarchism is or if we should have limited government or no government at all in three hours youtube conversations.

They are not reaching anyone out their inner circle. So that’s how I think libertarianism needs to improve in that way.”

OUCH! First time I watched this video (it’s an extract from a great show called “The Rubin Report”) I didn’t want to agree with him, because since I’ve been involved in the libertarian movement, I’ve been recording and editing conferences, or making interviews to libertarians that actually fitted with that description: WE TALK TO OURSELVES.

Whether we like it or not, regular people are not interested in anarcho-capitalism VS limited government, the benefits of the gold standard or who is the best classical liberal author. I think that if we don’t want to accept that, we are not going to succeed. And that doesn’t mean that we should lie to people, use manipulation, demagogue techniques or embrace populism. I think PJW nailed his video: we need to be influential in the CULTURAL NARRATIVE. And I think conservatives (at least in the US) are fully aware of that.

One just has to take a look at the job of Ben Shapiro, Milo Yannopoulos, Gavin Mcinnes, Steven Crowder, Andrew Breitbart, Dennis Prager, or the liberals Dave Rubin or Joe Rogan. They all have understood that in order to be influential, one has to provide content that the people are actually interested in. In other words: VALUE TO THE MARKET.

As I said on other occasions (and I am not tired of repeating), we should explain capitalism with capitalism. That means that if we are not succeeding in our goal (to be influential), we must change our entrepreneurial mindset. This might sound complicated but actually, it is not. I think we should apply the “Three I rule”: IMITATE- IMPROVISE – INNOVATE.

- IMITATE. Conservatives and some liberals (we must not confuse them with leftists) are spreading some libertarian ideas in a more efficient way than us. They are creating some media projects, they give speeches around, and they actually debate some core issues with people they don’t agree with.

- IMPROVISE. Once we’ve applied this strategy, we should make it ours. We should face some important topics such as how to increase salaries, the benefits of globalization, how to solve the migrant crisis… And we should do it using another esthetics, rhetoric and backing it up with some serious business plan.

- INNOVATE. Here’s the tricky but fun part. Once you’ve copied others strategy models, and when you’ve adapted it to your style, that’s the moment for giving some value to this market. Is there any formula for that? Of course not. And that’s the beauty of uncertainty and the entrepreneurial action: thru essay-error, some projects fail and some projects succeed. But as I said in my previous article, not fighting the battle is already losing it.

So well, it might seem I have a pessimist approach, but I don’t like pessimism nor optimism. I prefer to face reality as it is in order to start working to change it. If we really respect some great authors such as Adam Smith, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig W. Mises or Friedrich Hayek, we need to be up to the circumstances as they were during their lifetimes.

If the astronauts of the Apollo 13 said the famous “Houston, we have a problem”, maybe we should scream without fear “Austria, we have a problem”. But in life, except death (for now), everything can be solved if one has the strength, the focus, and the motivation.

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