Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 1

Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 1


 “The more the state 'plans' the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.”

Friedrich von Hayek”

It is doubtless that Georgia must go towards Europe. What makes stronger this idea is the oldest European civilization which recognizes a human as a highest value. For me and my friends it is clear why don’t like the Russian collectivism but even though now it is at least confusing also the 20th century collectivistic tendency in Europe,

For instance take the state pension system that was started in Bismarck’s Germany in 19th century. This system is based on so called solidarity of generations and eliminates individual choice and responsibility. This system today stands in front of the catastrophe, every European leader is aware about. But they are not in hurry to make decision to privatize it – first, the already accumulated liabilities are very heavy (in fact this system is an ordinary financial pyramid) and second, nobody wants to take political responsibility of such a decision.

Another example is, popular in the world, universal public education – its existence is out ethical norms, it is obliging an individual to study because someone suggested that it serves the public (collective) interest.

In short – I’m not original in this - Europe has turned sharply towards collectivism and has itself become a propagandist of the leftism. Collectivist idea you can find now in constitutional systems – parliament and cabinet are both collective decision-making organs where individual responsibility is substituted by collective one, resulted in many irresponsible decisions (though it is not only reason for them). Or, how it could be explained now by the theory of the Public Choice economics - the benefit is of concrete people but the responsibility is unclear and dispersed. It is especially simple for politicians to increase public debt: benefit is very quick and payment will be done in future by others; zero responsibility – how can everybody in the government be punished for the wrong decision?

Collectivist turn brought Europe to the rule of bureaucracy, politicians without bureaucrats are impotent. If not the other on whom they can put the failures? But the bureaucracy also prefers having such irresponsible bosses. Both of them like the state and try to justify its activities by taxing, planning, organizing, managing, intervening and regulatory necessities. What is the government if it is not taking all the responsibilities? It is definitely for thinking, deciding and doing instead of us, resulting exactly in a situation, like Friedrich Hayek explained: (The more the state 'plans' the more) difficult planning becomes for the individual.”

One of the great surprises after the collapse of the soviet empire was to discover that the west was enthusiastically switched on central planning, Moreover, if from ex-soviets we could still expect to think that government is the regulator of economy, budget - a synonym of economy, and the premier-minister/president – the director of the economy, I confess, I was not able to predict to hear the same from Europe and US. During the next years several facts about Europe unfortunately reminded of the Soviet Union.


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