Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 3

Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 3


Regulations in the EU are as bureaucratic as they were in the SU. People working in EU agencies don’t believe in a rational nature of humans like in the SU and believe that without paternalistic care, people would commit several stupidities; as well as, similarly to the soviet ideology, they also suggest that capitalists are greedy, they sacrifice people’s health, supplying them with poisoned food, dangerous electric equipment, destroy the nature, create monopolies, suppress the laborers… many of this propaganda is well-known to ex-soviets – this was exactly anti-bourgeoisie ideology, what we were watching on our TV-s everyday. laborer 

Recently I read such a story: a person in the bookshop in Athens asked for coffee and the waitress ran to another café to bring it because the bookshop had no license to prepare the coffee; but when the client decided to pay for books they told him he was late as their legal permission to sell books worked only before 6pm. Government took care about the people to drink only controlled by itself coffee and not to be overloaded by reading.

Another good example I witnessed myself in a famous restaurant of Turin. I was going to dry my hands after I washed them with a machine (which didn’t work for some reasons) with several notes on its front panel; the notes were in Italian language but understandably well telling us about the EU normatives satisfied by it (exactly like in the SU). 



European Union is (also) fully politicized – everything became an issue of politics. Everything is responsibility of government. People are losing their freedom and responsibility step-by-step. Government, simultaneously, is increasing, makes mistake after mistake and then tries to improve its own mistakes at the expense of the same people, as they has no oil and natural gas, as much as the Soviet Union, and it is already impossible to get more loans.  

Many in Georgia expressed their concerns and didn’t wish to talk on when we tried to discuss these issues. They thought either these are not real problems at all or they are not our business to be considered. Denial of a criticism of the EU is not news for me, - I heard about first from a professor of Vienna University during his speech at a conference in Austria in 2005. He said it was impossible to publish a criticizing article about the EU in Austria which was a great discovery for me. 

In contrast of this, nowadays’ leaders of the UK and Czech Republic have refused to sign the new economic and fiscal treaty. Exactly this makes me thinking that one day Europe will return to the basic principles from which it started earlier: free movement of people, goods, capitals and services.

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