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Why values4europe?


Europe is dynamic, great and unique. A community that stands for its values. Europe has great thinkers, critics, captivating speakers, top athletes, glamorous celebrities and you. They all have the same goal - a joint Europe. Modern democracy needs critical thinking.

This platform should encourage, motivate and inspire you to think critically about Europe. Exchange ideas with people from other countries, different cultures and with different opinions. You are invited to share and discuss your opinions, wishes and hopes. Reflect on present-day Europe and develop concepts of improvement for tomorrow's Europe.

Chose a question for which you want to share your opinion.

Write and post your statement in our chat. There is no limit to the length.

Read through other peoples‘ posts and be inspired by different viewpoints

Respect diverging viewpoints

Share your ideas with other participants from all over Europe

Develop together new perspectives and ideas

Be part of this great discussion and improve Europe

Which values are important for you?

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Freedom, tolerance and civility.

davidchavezsalazar - 6/11/18 10:47 AM (modified)


Yiping - 6/11/18 10:46 AM


maryluciadarst - 6/8/18 8:59 PM


Heibac - 5/23/18 3:12 PM


Franzi - 4/9/18 10:12 AM

How important is it to share values?

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sharing ones values is often misused as an excuse to enforce them onto others...

Herbi - 6/18/18 1:38 PM (modified)
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