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Europe is dynamic, great and unique. A community that stands for its values. Europe has great thinkers, critics, captivating speakers, top athletes, glamorous celebrities and you. They all have the same goal - a joint Europe. Modern democracy needs critical thinking.

This platform should encourage, motivate and inspire you to think critically about Europe. Exchange ideas with people from other countries, different cultures and with different opinions. You are invited to share and discuss your opinions, wishes and hopes. Reflect on present-day Europe and develop concepts of improvement for tomorrow's Europe.

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Which values are important for you?

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I see honesty as an important personal value.

Luke - 12/5/17 9:07 AM

Freedom, in every aspect!

Felix - 11/28/17 2:53 PM

I agree!

13th - 12/12/17 1:25 PM

Health, if you are not healthy you cannot do anything.

LibertarianEurope - 11/17/17 2:13 PM

diversity in our options, not to stick to only one option in any aspect of life. It's good to have diversity and to keep our options open.

Herbi - 10/31/17 1:34 PM

Love is an unexplainable profound feeling and it can be given and received in so many ways, forms and shapes. It can be instant, as the first time a father see their newborn or it can be built during sometime. Love is what unites people and makes a better version of you.

Anna - 10/31/17 8:39 AM

Which values are important for europe?

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Fair play is necessary so that everyone can have competition under the same ground rules.

OpenEurope - 11/23/17 2:12 PM

There should not be any obligation to do anything without the consent of people involved in the business or relationship. It´s all about the good willingness of people to do things that motivate and have some kind of reward.

Anna - 11/16/17 9:15 AM

Tolerance. I feel that since Open Borders was implemented as part of EU/Shengen Agreement, there has been an unhealthy rise in populism. Member countries are birthing radical anti-establishment movements that promote toxic policies that breed intolerance and hatred. A more considerate approach is needed. A suggested method could be a change in the media narratives as they hold the power to alter opinions.

MT - 11/2/17 9:56 AM

Volunteering, some people don´t have the necessity of being paid for something they love or enjoy. The motivation and reward is bigger than just money. This also comes when companies want to do some charity, like Starbucks that has started over a year ago a program to donate its unsold food.

LibertarianEurope - 10/30/17 2:16 PM

Personal satisfaction of EU citizens, economic freedom in the literal sense of the word, the abolition of the term democracy and policy!

stefanHL - 10/2/17 10:02 PM
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