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Europe is dynamic, great and unique. A community that stands for its values. Europe has great thinkers, critics, captivating speakers, top athletes, glamorous celebrities and you. They all have the same goal - a joint Europe. Modern democracy needs critical thinking.

This platform should encourage, motivate and inspire you to think critically about Europe. Exchange ideas with people from other countries, different cultures and in different languages. You are invited to share and discuss your opinions, wishes and hopes. Reflect on present-day Europe and develop concepts of improvement for tomorrow's Europe.

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Which values are important for you?

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Family is forever, we will always be blood connected.

Florencia - 9/26/17 4:22 PM

Curiosity is what triggers knowledge. It’s a feeling that comes from inside to research, learn, apply and grow personal interests. Who knows that out of curiosity you can start having some earnings?

Florencia - 9/18/17 9:29 AM

It´s hard for some people to have balance, either because they just can´t or others won´t let them. Balance in life means to work as best as you can and once it’s done, reward yourself with some fun. It´s not always all about work or all about fun, too much of any/both are simply not good.

Florencia - 9/17/17 6:06 PM

Respect of the Individual Liberty.

evangelopoulos - 9/15/17 1:08 AM

For me, honesty is very important. Is a way of being free and careless since you don´t have anything to hide. From this also comes the value of trust that can motivate transactions between people or parties.

Florencia - 9/14/17 3:09 PM

Which values are important for europe?

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People deserve to have privacy in their life, and to share or not share what they want. Unless there is a penal accusation, then privacy should not be interrupted.

Florencia - 9/22/17 12:24 PM

Security: To citizens, financial information, businesses and technology.

Florencia - 9/20/17 1:54 PM

He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.

Herbi - 10/30/17 11:42 AM

Freedom. It is such a beautiful word that sometimes can be misled into freedom without responsibility or abusing of freedom. People know what is better for them if they have the tools and openness to do things, as long as there is no obligation and with consent of the people or parties involved.

Florencia - 9/15/17 1:35 PM

Free, Open, Unhindered Markets through all Europe.

evangelopoulos - 9/15/17 1:06 AM

Individuals and companies should have and assume responsibility toward actions or promises made. Without responsibility, trust can be lost and can affect negatively.

Florencia - 9/13/17 11:21 AM
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