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This platform should encourage, motivate and inspire you to think critically about Europe. Exchange ideas with people from other countries, different cultures and with different opinions. You are invited to share and discuss your opinions, wishes and hopes. Reflect on present-day Europe and develop concepts of improvement for tomorrow's Europe.

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Which values are important for you?

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Respect of the Individual Liberty.

evangelopoulos - 9/15/17 1:08 AM

For me, honesty is very important. Is a way of being free and careless since you don´t have anything to hide. From this also comes the value of trust that can motivate transactions between people or parties.

Florencia - 9/14/17 3:09 PM

Responsibility toward your tasks, especially when you live in a community and others depend on your part of responsibility.

Florencia - 9/14/17 10:33 AM

When you put yourself in other´s shoes, you can understand better other people´s action and reactions to things, the environment and towards other people. Having compassion is a really good way to see how to treat others when they are going through something.

Florencia - 9/13/17 4:18 PM

For me an important value is reliability. My family and friends, as well as my colleagues, can rely on my word.

Victoria - 9/4/17 12:50 PM

Which values are important for europe?

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Individuals and companies should have and assume responsibility toward actions or promises made. Without responsibility, trust can be lost and can affect negatively.

Florencia - 9/13/17 11:21 AM

It is important to have justice in any case in which two parties have a disagreement or break a contract. This also applies between citizens that have a problem and are having trouble to fix it between the two, so a third party must come to lookout for the best outcome.

Florencia - 9/12/17 4:20 PM


bliss - 9/3/17 11:43 PM


mirjana - 9/1/17 1:56 PM


SpanishLibertarian - 8/31/17 11:44 AM
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