Which values are important for europe?

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Freedom, identity and integration.

davidchavezsalazar - 6/11/18 10:49 AM

I think it's interesting that you wrote identity AND integration. I mean one thing does not rule out the other but I do not think that Europeans need to have "their own" identity. If we talked about the member states of the EU, I would definitely be in complete agreement. However, talking about Europe as a community, freedom, integration and solidarity seem to be the most important values for me.

isabelle_westandtogether - 9/13/18 3:27 PM


Yiping - 6/11/18 10:46 AM

Freedom, both to succeed and to fail

maryluciadarst - 6/8/18 9:00 PM


Connernomics - 5/7/18 10:59 AM

of what?

Heibac - 5/23/18 3:14 PM


Anna - 3/13/18 12:14 PM
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