Carlos Puentes message to the youth

To be young is something very important; it’s something you have to take advantage of at that time mainly to learn how important values are in live. And how important it is to defend your believes, so first of all, freedom is the first value in live witch it is worth to defend, and to fight for it and sometimes it is not very easy to find the truth among so many confusing situations. But anyway its very interesting to try to find to compare to find the proper source of information to discover by yourself, what is the best and what is the truth at the same time. When I was young I went around Europe and I even met Mrs. Margret Thatcher when I was hitchhiking in England, so you know I learnt a lot of things from that time and I still keep this. So please don’t waste your time, it is important to choose your real live, your proper way and in fact it’s very important to know that as soon as possible.

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