John Fund quotes Ronald Reagan

A valuable lesson that Ronald Reagan told all of us is not to look at politics in conventional terms. Reagan once famously said; “we are constantly told that we have to make a false choice between left and right on the political spectrum.” Reagan said; “I don’t believe that. I don’t believe the political spectrum runs horizontally. I believe it runs vertically. Not left to right but up or down. Up to the maximum degree of freedom consisting with order down to the antic of totalitarianism. There is much space on that spectrum for people of like-mind who want to have a prosperous, free, and tolerant society. And our goal in forming a coalition should be to bring all people in support of those values, the values of freedom, the values of free market, tolerance, diversity, freedom, together, and combating those who would fight against those values.”  So, as Reagan reminded us, we should constantly reaching out to others but on the basis of up or down, not left or right.

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