Gia Jandieri
Gia Jandieri
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Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 3

Regulations in the EU are as bureaucratic as they were in the SU. People working in EU agencies don’t believe in a rational nature of humans like in the SU and believe that without paternalistic care, people would commit several stupidities; as well as, similarly to the soviet ideology, they also suggest that capitalists are greedy, they sacrifice people’s health, supplying them with…

Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 2

As early as in 1998, while visiting French Senat, I participated in a meeting which was to discuss introduction of Euro, where I tried to explain how badly soviet common currency worked. For those who are unfamiliar to the money theories I would say that money, if it is printed by government and is not attached to gold or silver, such money will be always influenced by a trust to the issuant…

Taboo – in what EU and SU are similar? - Part 1

 “The more the state 'plans' the more difficult planning becomes for the individual.” Friedrich von Hayek” It is doubtless that Georgia must go towards Europe. What makes stronger this idea is the oldest European civilization which recognizes a human as a highest value. For me and my friends it is clear why don’t like the Russian collectivism but even…

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