Anders Ydstedt
Anders Ydstedt
Anders Ydstedt
Anders Ydstedt is an advisor at Scantech Strategy Advisors to major
Swedish industry and business organizations. He is also an entrepreneur,
author and chairman of Svensk Tidskrift, a weekly journal of politics,
economics and culture, founded in 1911.

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French wine is absolutely worthless – at least until I drink it

French wine is absolutely worthless – at least until I drink it All effort made by French farmers; selecting the fruit, cultivating the soil, harvesting the grapes, crushing, pressing, storing, perhaps blending and finally bottling of the finished liquid is totally worthless until someone drinks the product. Until consumption it is only water and rotten fruits. This must be the belief of…

Forget the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), beware of the (DTT)

The European Commission has since 2010 tried to introduce the Financial Transaction Tax, FTT. They have until now failed to establish unanimous support for their proposal and ten countries have then tried to implement the tax themselves. As a Swede, with experience from the disastrous experiment with a FTT in the 1980s,  I can only congratulate all Europeans if this process also…

Tech taxes are being used to stop business renewal

Austria, France and Germany together with other EU-countries made a proposal earlier this month to introduce an “equalization tax” on foreign internet companies. The justification for this tech tax is that companies such as Google, Facebook and Airbnb are not paying their fair share of taxes, and especially not in France and Germany.   The tech tax is meant to “reflect…

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