Panos Evangelopoulos
Panos Evangelopoulos
Panos Evangelopoulos
Specialist subject
Free Market, Minimal State, Free Society Or as servant follows his master So the state must follow and serve the market.

Panagiotis N. Evangelopoulos is Assistant Professor of Microeconomics of the Department of Economics at the University of the Peloponnese in Greece.

His research papers have been appeared in International Review of Economics, Review of Applied Economics, Independent Review, Economic Affairs, Review of Economics and Finance, Theoretical and Applied Economics, Finance India, Theoretical Economics Letters, International Journal of Economics and Finance and several more.

His articles in Economic and Public Policy have been appeared in the leading periodicals and newspapers in Greece.

His research field is at the epicenter of the Theory of the Firm, Hierarchies and Administration, Organization Theory, Theory of Moral Hazard, Theory of Asymmetric Information, Free-Rider Problem, Institutional Economics, Public Choice Theory, Coase Theorem, Economics of the Redistribution of Income and Wealth, Property Rights, Contract Theory, Cultural Economics, Economic History and the History of Hellenism.

He has written two books in Greek language, the first is Elements of Political Economy and the second is Property and Market.

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Latin America has throughout its history been required to endure attempts at imposing collectivist institutions, resulting in a type of poor economic performance comprised of sluggish development, blatant inequalities in the distribution of wealth, widespread poverty, anti-productive and stagnating distribution of huge reserves of wealth, all of which when taken together lead to an idiosyncratic…

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